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Today I thank God for my loving husband!! And that he gets to rest this weekend!!

As you know I am doing a month of gratitude. To help Hazel learn about gratitude and thanking God she is doing a Thankful Tree. I bought this tree at Target for $1 in The Dollar Spot. It came with six maple leaves. We are going to use it as a decoration at Thanksgiving as well! We pulled it out and did a couple of days worth of leaves. Then we pulled out the supplies to make some coffee filter leaves. We used her dot markers and her food colored water spray bottles.
They came out beautiful and she loved making them. Now I will cut them into leaves so we have enough to get us through each day until Thanksgiving!!

Update: We traced and cut some. Daddy helped Hazel trace and cut one too!

So far she is thankful for the trees, Daddy and Mommy. We will see what she adds tomorrow.

Sharing Saturday #44

In case you missed it, I featured many of the wonderful Halloween crafts and activities here.

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Once again there were incredible ideas shared last week. If you have not had a chance to check them out, please go visit them and leave some comment love! We have had a very tough week here. My poor husband has been working almost non-stop because of Hurricane Sandy. One of the few downfalls of working for the power company is dealing with the storms. Hazel has definitely been missing Daddy this week which is hard on all of us. Luckily he is done finally and tonight he is getting a night to rest. Hazel is sleeping over at Nonni's (Steve's mother) and I am going out with a girlfriend so he can just relax and not even have to be social.

Before I go out, I wanted to get this party started!!

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Halloween Sharing Saturday Features!

Sharing Saturday will begin a couple of hours, but I wanted to share with you some of the amazing Halloween ideas that have been shared the last couple of weeks. I meant to do this Wednesday but somehow on Wednesday my only focus was on Hazel, pumpkins and trick-or-treating. So here it is.

Month of Gratitude and Virtual Book Club for Kids

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For the month of November I always try to focus on my blessings. This is something I know I should do more often, but I always set aside November since it holds our Thanksgiving to make sure I focus on it. This year besides doing something with Hazel on gratitude, I am going to post this lovely picture and one thing I am thankful for that day or as I like to word it, "Today I thank God for...." and I will fill in the blank. I would love it if you would join me in this month of gratitude!

Today I thank God for my amazing daughter! She is so loving and wonderful!


If you have been following my blog for any length of time you probably know I have joined an amazing group of bloggers (see the list below) for a monthly Virtual Book Club for Kids. Each month we read a book (or books) by the chosen author of the month and then do an activity to go with the book. On the third Monday of the month or after, we post about the book we chose and our activity and open a blog hop. The blog hop is open for everyone to share their books and activities to go along with the author of the month. November's author is Tomie de Paola! (For a list of all the year's authors, go to my Special Event Page!)
So go choose a book by Tomie dePaola to read and do an activity and join us on November 19th for the blog hop!

The bloggers who host the blog hop with me are:

What I have really enjoyed with the Virtual Book Club for Kids is learning about new authors and seeing so many creative ideas with the different stories.  If you have missed any of the months, feel free to check out our Pinterest board.

Surviving Hurricane Sandy & More Crafts

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Today I thank God that my family and friends are fine after Hurricane Sandy.

Well, as you know I live on the East Coast so we have been hit by Hurricane Sandy. My dear husband is working like a madman to get people's power turned on in Massachusetts. The part I really hate about storms is how much he has to work and how angry people get about not having power. When I see how hard he and his colleagues work I realize that they are doing what they can. Anyway, that is another whole story. Today I will tell you about Hazel and mine experience of the storm.

It started sprinkling/misty on Sunday here, but really was not bad. The news said the worst part would start around noon on Monday. So on Monday morning we went out to run a few errands that we had to do. Now just about every school was closed and so was the library, state offices, etc. But most stores were not, so off we went. Then Hazel had an unheard of two hour nap. She doesn't usually nap anymore and when she does we pay for it at bedtime. I figured I would let her sleep since I needed some sleep and she hadn't really gotten to see Steve and he would be working late.

Shortly after she woke up, we lost power. And of course it was almost dinner time. Of course any problem with power here is dealt with a phone call to Steve. He called me back to let me know no one had reported it and gave me the number to report it. Then he called back to let me know it was a major area out (the local highway with all the stores were out as well) so I better figure something out for dinner since all the close restaurants were closed. I called one pizza place and was told delivery would take at least an hour, so I called another one and we got pizza in half an hour from the neighboring town. Hazel and I had a picnic in our family room. While we waited for the pizza to come we played many board games.

Normally after dinner we start to get Hazel ready for bed, however with her nap she was not ready for that step, so we did some crafts. We had candles lit for when it got dark outside. Then I remembered the lanterns and found them. The dark picture above is without the flash so you could get a sense of what we were dealing with as we crafted.  Hazel decorated some felt bags and a felt owl and pumpkin using stickers and glitter glue. Then I used two of the felt bags to make a tic tac toe board. I bought some wooden hearts and stars after seeing a tic tac toe board at the craft fair and loved the idea. I thought of the bags to hold the pieces. I had these felt bags for something (I think I got them on clearance). Hazel saw them and wanted to do some as well.

Then I liked this idea so much I went back to Michaels. They did not have anymore felt bags, but I found some canvas ones that had a pull string.  I bought some smaller wooden pieces for the smaller bags and used some fabric paint on them. I made a bunch for the Holiday Fair's Wee Folk Shop. Now I have all my required donations to bring tomorrow. Then I'll probably work on some more for them.