Halloween Sharing Saturday Features!

Sharing Saturday will begin a couple of hours, but I wanted to share with you some of the amazing Halloween ideas that have been shared the last couple of weeks. I meant to do this Wednesday but somehow on Wednesday my only focus was on Hazel, pumpkins and trick-or-treating. So here it is.

I am not sharing any of the amazing costume ideas that have been shared because I'm hoping the bloggers will enter my costume contest. If you would like to enter or help pick the winning costume, just click on the button above.

Here is one of my favorites (and somehow it did not make it into my collage below).

From: Zing Zing Tree: Egg Carton Halloween Bunting

3) From Adventures at Home with Mum: Bath Time Jack o' Lantern (We made one of these and Hazel loves it!!)
14) From Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Halloween Candy Wrapper Graph (Something to do with all those wrappers!!)

Join us in a few hours for Sharing Saturday!!


  1. Thanks a ton for adding our Mummy Oreo Suckers to your line up! I really appreciate it! Happy Friday!

  2. Thank you for including my Kids Crafts Round-up! Have a great weekend!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my spinning ghosts! Sorry I was a little slow to get back to comment! Great roundup of ideas!


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