Busy Sunday

Ok, between checking out all the wonderful posts in Sharing Saturday and going to church, spending time with my family and now it is time to watch our home team the Patriots in the Super Bowl (though we will have the game on probably but won't watch too closely), my Sunday has flown by.

Here is my short post for today. Sharing Saturday has over 110 amazing entries. Go check them out and it is still open if you would like to share. I am always thrilled to find new wonderful blogs to follow each week.

Today I also found a new blog hop for Mom bloggers. It is over at The Grant Life. Go check it out and link up!!

Ok, I'm off to go visit more of the posts and leave comments. Hope you will do the same.

Sharing Saturday #5

Mia and I would like to thank all of you for sharing your creations and inspiring us each week.  We are eager to see what you will link up this week.

Trash Painting, tissue paper and more

We had a very crafty morning. We were waiting for the stores to open to go buy some supplies for our valentines for the Valentine Swap. Today is the last day to sign your kids up for it, so if you want them to do, please let me know.

Hazel was up early this morning and I really wasn't functioning well, so I kept her busy. First we made tissue paper stain glass hearts by having her arrange red, pink, purple and white tissue paper squares over clear contact paper. Then I covered hers with another sheet of clear contact paper and cut the hearts.  This was a project she could work on while I had my breakfast and gathered the next projects things.

While I was gathering I gave her some wooden hearts that I got at Michaels on clearance and some gem stickers. She decorated two of them for her aunts before she got bored. She still has several to do, but we will do them over time.

Then we did some melted crayon art. I chose to use the melt the tips and make dots method so we wouldn't waste all of her crayons. Though I did remove all the paper so they wouldn't be fire hazards. Hazel thought it was fun but got bored easily (or didn't like me telling her not to hold it so close to the flame and for so long). However we had fun doing it and she colored whenever she got bored. We did a nice circle and once it cooled down, I cut it into a small heart.
My notes are that the fatter crayons are easier to use. First they make bigger dots and second you don't feel the heat of the candle as easily.
Then we pulled out the paints. We made a TP roll into a heart shape and used it to paint. I saw this idea somewhere, but I can't find where I saw it now. Sorry!!
Hazel loved doing this. She had me cut the TP roll into smaller pieces so we would have one for each color. Then we moved onto making a snowman with a regular TP roll and some lids.
We added some glitter and I looked in our recycling bin for some other things we could use and we tried a water bottle.
Then I remembered a fun idea I saw on Family Fun. Painting with celery.

Ok, ours doesn't look as pretty as theirs, but Hazel was having a blast doing it.
As you can see the bunch of cut celery looks a bit like a flower or a bunch of flowers then you use one of the cut stalks to make leaves.

Then we decided to add a purple flower to the mix and by this time Hazel grew bored with our painting.
Now we are happy to get ready to go out and get our supplies for our valentines. I hope you have a great day!!

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Baking a Strawberry Cake

With all our valentine preparation we have been thinking pink a lot. We have been talking about making a strawberry cake, so yesterday was the day. I looked on-line for a recipe. Most of them used strawberry gelatin which we did not have on hand, but I finally found one that used strawberries at A Dash of Sass. I made a few changes to the recipe, but not too many. I did not have self rising flour--I have cake flour, all purpose flour, organic white bread flour, whole wheat flour, and I think I may still have some brown rice flour, but no self rising flour. So I looked on line for a substitute (and to find out what it is) and found on Buzzle an easy substitute, so this is one of the changes I made.

I forgot to take pictures of us making the batter and even of the batter, but here is the empty bowl with a bit of batter left. I did not use any food coloring and didn't really think it needed any.
In the oven
The recipe makes a three-layer eight-inch diameter cake. We only had two eight-inch pans so we made one nine-inch as well.
Then we made the cream cheese frosting recipe included with the cake recipe. It tasted good, but did not spread well. I don't know what I did wrong, but something was definitely wrong. I did not use the milk and used all three cups of sugar.

But it tasted good, so we aren't too worried!
All three of us enjoyed a piece after it was frosted and enjoyed it!
The cooked color was not as pretty as the batter, but I would rather not have the artificial food coloring, so we will keep it that way. I think next time I might consider making it a bundt cake and doing a chocolate glaze for the top.

Anyway, my cake recipe adapted from A Dash of Sass:

3 cups all-purpose flour
4 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
(baking powder and salt are not needed if you use 3 cups of self rising flour!)
2 cups sugar
3/4 cup canola oil
2 cups pureed strawberries (I used frozen ones that I thawed in the oven at 250 for a few minutes and then pureed in my food processor--I did not strain the seeds out and did not notice them)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 eggs beaten

1) Preheat oven to 325. Spray three 8-inch round cake pans with non-stick spray.
2) Mix the flour, baking powder and salt together. Then gather the rest of the ingredients without adding them.
3) Once you have all the liquid ingredients you can add them to the dry ones and mix. Then distribute evenly into the three pans.
4) Bake for 27-30 minutes.
5) Cool on rack in pan for 10 minutes than remove from pans and cool completely.
6) Frost or glaze however you would like.


Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

Today we started making some Valentines to give to family and friends and perhaps for the Kids' Valentine Swap. Are you interested in joining us for the swap? Tomorrow is the last day to sign your kids up, so please let me know.
We started by arranging hearts into different shapes. You can definitely tell which ones I made and which ones Hazel did on her own.
Hazel decided I made this one above for her. I was thinking I would send it to my nephew, but we will see.

Then I pulled out some of the cut hearts and pictures from the scrapbook paper I got (I got a great set at Target for $1 for 8 sheets including some with glitter) and my handmade paper collection.
We also pulled out the other stickers and rubber stamps. I made sure each one got stamped on the inside with the Happy Valentine's Day stamp.
Hazel had fun making different ones. Here is one for Daddy who loves turtles.
Then on the inside Hazel had fun with the stamps and stickers.
I'm not sure why she thinks it is good to put all the stickers on top of each other but she always does this. Here is the only other inside she decorated. Then she wanted to do a clean sheet of paper and cut and glue, etc.

Then last night I gave Hazel a game to play that she loved! I poured some conversation heart candies into a bowl and gave her some tongs that I bought at Lakeshore Learning Store and asked her to sort them by color into an egg carton.
Daddy and I helped and enjoyed eating them. She decided it was easier to use her hands, but we rewarded her for using the tongs by letting her eat one after she had done a few with the tongs. After the hearts are gone we may try it with M&M's. Those are her favorite candy.
She wanted to do it again after she had sorted them all. You could also sort them by sayings, but we aren't teaching Hazel to read yet so I didn't try it.

Hope you have a great day!!