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Fun Facts about Turkeys & a Turkey Craft Round Up

Have you been following our fun fact posts? It is November so we are moving on to Thanksgiving. So let's talk turkey!! Below the fun facts are a round-up of turkey crafts and activities. Ready for these fun facts?

Happy Thanksgiving 2016 -- Reflections on Thanksgiving

Today I am spending time with my family. On the third Thursday of each November the United States takes a break from our busy lives to celebrate Thanksgiving. Most schools teach about the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth Colony.  Many Native Americans see Thanksgiving as a day to mourn because of this. I can understand this view and see why it could be a day to mourn for the groups of people who were so brutally oppressed and had their land and in many cases lives taken away from them. However I like to think about Thanksgiving as a day where my family stops our busyness and takes time to thank God for our blessings. It is a time where we get to gather with the people we love and enjoy some quality time together. My family has the traditional turkey meal with stuffing and potatoes and vegetables and homemade cranberry sauce (Hazel and I always make it). We try hard not to have too much food so that we can actually just enjoy the meal and company. So as much as I understand what Thanksgiving means to Native Americans I think most families in America do not think about the first Thanksgiving all that much as part of the meal or at least I hope they do. I see it as a time for family and God. How do you see it?

 Our guests are greeted by our colorful turkey on our door this year. Hazel and I put this turkey together from a Paper Source kit

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! I am thankful for each of you as a reader of Crafty Moms Share!!

Gaga for Googles! -- Summertime Fun with Googly Eyes!!

Disclosure: I was sent this book to review free of charge from Quarto Books USA. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. I am including links to each item for your convenience but do not receive anything if you purchase them.

Today we are sharing a fun craft book for kids--Gaga for Googles!: Tons of Totally Fun Things to Make with Googly Eyes! by Walter Foster, Jr. Creative Team.  Now I will admit I was not sure how Hazel would like this. Around Halloween last year eyes started grossing her out. However she loves it!!

Happy Thanksgiving -- Easy Craft and Free Printables!

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. It is a time where family and friends gather and are thankful for the many things we have. It is a time where I also think about the history of the United States and pray that we can treat each other better in the future. Above is a simple paper plate craft that Hazel made at Lakeshore Learning this past weekend. It is meant to be a centerpiece, but ours does not stand up very well. I think maybe a toilet paper roll instead of the rolled up brown paper would be better. However it is really cute and I loved all the things she is thankful for this year! You can download instructions on their website for this craft and all the free crafts for kids. 

Sharing Saturday 14-48

Congratulations to Lori H. for winning 
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Thank you to everyone who shared with us last week! I had such a hard time choosing the features this week since there were so many amazing ideas!! I hope you will take the time to check them all out! We had a tie for most clicked.

1) From Krafts and Kiddos: CD Turkey Craft

2) From Stimulating Learning with Rachel (",): Aliens, Robots and Monsters (lots of great learning ideas here!)

Since we set our Christmas tree up today I am getting into the Christmas spirit. I have been thinking about Christmas cookies, how to bring Jesus into Christmas more and we received an Elf on the Shelf yesterday as a gift (I was avoiding them for as long as I could an much rather our Mouse and the Miracle), so knowing that you will understand some of the features I picked this week. We have our Christmas Features and our non-Christmas Features!

More Thanksgiving Books & Crafts

Today I am going to share an easy Thanksgiving craft and several great Thanksgiving books we have been enjoying. We will start with the books. 

First is One is a Feast for Mouse by Judy Cox. This is an adorable story of a mouse who sneaks out while everyone is distracted in the post-Thanksgiving stupor--napping, television, etc. He climbs up on the table and finds some leftovers. He starts by taking one pea since one pea is a feast for him, but then he sees the cranberries and takes one of them as well. Then he sees something else. Pretty soon he has a huge pile of food including the turkey and gravy and wakes the cat and the mouse drops all the food. He manages to get away from the cat and then finds one pea near his door. It is a cute story to talk about greed and overeating.

 Next is Beauty and the Beaks: A Turkey's Cautionary Tale by Mary Jane and Bern Auch. Beauty is a hen who owns a hen/bird beauty parlor. One day there is a new bird on the farm. He is a turkey. He starts talking about how he is going to a big party at the house and he is the only bird invited. He is bragging to everyone about it. Beauty goes up to snoop at the house and hears that the turkey is the main course for the Thanksgiving meal. She feels terrible for him and goes and tries to help him escape. It is a cute tale of someone helping someone else even after they were not very nice.

Next is Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson. This is not really a Thanksgiving book per say, but it does have to do with a huge meal and saying thanks. Bear wants to have a dinner party for his friends, but his cupboard is bare. Each friend then shows up with part of the meal and Bear keeps saying, "Thanks" to his friends. Then he feels bad about not having anything to add to the meal. His friends tell him he adds his stories and personality. It is a wonderful story about sharing and friendship.

Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano, I shared last year, but we still are really enjoying it. It is another book about a turkey trying to escape being Thanksgiving dinner. He tries to disguise himself as the other animals on the farm, but the other animals keep noticing it is him. Finally he dresses as the rooster but then he overhears the farmer and his wife discuss that they will eat the rooster since they cannot find the turkey. He then finds the perfect solution so he and his friends are not eaten for Thanksgiving. Hazel loves this one and loves the ending which I will leave to surprise you!

Thanksgiving Graces by Mark Moulton is my new favorite Thanksgiving book. It is the story of a family preparing the Thanksgiving meal and table. The crowd keeps growing including some unexpected guests. They keep making room and sharing and it really tells the wonderful idea of Thanksgiving being about sharing what you have and taking care of one another. 

Gracias the Thanksgiving Turkey by Joy Crowley is a wonderful story about a boy and his pet. His father sends Miguel a turkey while he is away from home (he is a trucker so he is away a lot). The note on the turkey says to fatten him up for Thanksgiving and the father will be home. Miguel names the turkey, Gracias. Miguel and Gracias become best friends. Miguel keeps him out in the yard until someone steals him. After that his grandmother allows him to keep Gracias in the house (a police officer brings him home).  One day the grandmother is rushing Miguel to mass and the turkey does not get locked up. The next thing they know Gracias is walking down the aisle of the church. The priest blesses both Gracias and Miguel and after that the grandmother says they cannot eat Gracias, so they have chicken for Thanksgiving. Miguel holds onto the hope that his father will be home and at the last minute, he does come home. It is a wonderful story about family, friendship and love. It also is a wonderful multicultural book. Miguel is Puerto Rican and there are Spanish words throughout the story.

If you want to see more Thanksgiving books that we have read in the past few years there is a round-up here.

Now for my simple craft. I found this one on Pinterest and it originally was on Oh My! Creative: Kids Thanksgiving Turkey Craft. I added a bit more to it. It is really simple. You cut some cupcake liners in half and glue three to four together so they look like layers. Then add a brown pom pom for the head and a yellow beak. We also added eyes and the red part under the beak. I'm not sure what it is called. 

For more Thanksgiving crafts go here to my round-up of past and present! Tomorrow we will be looking at Native American crafts and Thanksgiving books.

Sharing Saturday 13-45

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Thank you to everyone who shared with us last week!! There were some amazing and inspiring things shared. I haven't seen all of them, but have enjoyed the ones I have gotten to so far. I hope you have had a chance to check them all out and leave some comment love for each other! Now onto our features.
From Gift of Curiosity: 20+ Turkey Crafts & Activities

With Thanksgiving next week, I decided to feature some of the Thanksgiving lessons, crafts and decorations shared. We had so many wonderful Thanksgiving ideas shared. I picked only a few of them. If you are looking for a lesson, craft or decoration, make sure to go back and check the rest of them.

1) From Thank You Honey: Tiny Turkey's

2) From Green Owl Art: Corn Cob Doll

3) From Sugar Aunts: Cardboard Tube Turkey Juice Box Cover

4) From There's Just One Mommy: Candy Corn Turkey

5) From 3 Boys and a Dog: Thanksgiving Printables: Reading Flashcards 

6 & 7) From Bible Fun for Kids: Thanksgiving with Preschool 

8) From  Kims Kandy Kreations: Turkey Napkin Place Card Printable

9) From EduArt 4 Kids: Thanksgiving Crafts: Awesome Turkeys and Indian Pottery (Sorry I couldn't take a picture from the site.)

Thank you to everyone who shared last week!! I hope you will join us and share again!! If you are featured here, please feel free to grab a featured button to display proudly on your blog. 


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This week we shared two more Native American Cinderella tales, our exploration of Thailand with Around the World in 12 Dishes, a round-up of Thanksgiving books we enjoy and a thankful corn craft, and a wonderful flamingo book for Flamingo Friday.

Next week I will be focusing on Advent, so if you have any Advent calendars, wreaths, etc. please share them so I can feature them!!

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Sharing Saturday 13-42

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Ok, I have been a bad hostess the last few weeks. Once again I have not made it to visit many. I'm so sorry. I have to admit my life seems crazy from now until the new year. Hopefully I'll find time again soon. I am so behind on emails and social media as well. We also dealt with Hazel having a cold. She was sick enough to stay home and want mommy, but well enough to need to be entertained, so I didn't have the time I usually do the past few days. This is also why Flamingo Friday did not happen this week. Between Halloween and a sick child, I was lucky to check the computer. Anyway, I hope you had a chance to check out the great posts shared last week. They look amazing!! There was a large tie for the most clicked, so we will just feature a few that caught my eye.

1) From Doting on Deirdre: Wise Old Owl Crafting

2) From There's Just One Mommy: Preschooler Owl Craft

3) From What We Do All Day: 25 Math Activities for After School

4) From April's Homemaking: 52 Weeks of Fairy Tales #49--Lichka

5) From Juggling with Kids: The Secret to Cutting Felt

6) From Trillium Montessori: Parts of a Turkey (Free on Teachers Paying Teachers)

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This week we shared a Baby Moses craft and books we have been reading, an Islamic Snow White, craft book review to make felt animals, and our Halloween.

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Spring, Flowers and Wildlife

Now one of my favorite types of days is where you do not have to worry about getting somewhere by a certain time, so when you open your garage door and see a turkey, you can take the time to try to see it and get a picture of it--oh, and of course try to feed it. Yesterday was one of those days and yes, when I opened my garage door there was a turkey right there. Hazel and I tried to get a good look at it, but it ran away. We left it some cracked corn, but it was a few houses away by then and I do not think it came back.
Then today after I picked Hazel up from school, we ran to AC Moore for some craft supplies and stopped at KMart for some plants. It was unusually warm here in Massachusetts (20 degrees higher than average) so we spent the afternoon outside. Hazel could not wait to plant some flowers.
We bought an English daisy and three six-packs of pansies. We also bought some lettuce, sugar snap peas, basil and some tomato plants (which we will keep inside for another couple of months). 
Doing the Gardener Dance
Hazel planted the pansies with a little help from me, but actually did most of it herself!
We decided to plant some in a pot on the front steps and some around a tree in the front. Then Hazel also planted some in her garden (my old garden that we are letting her play in). I planted the vegetables there as well since Daddy hasn't dug me my new garden yet. 

While planting in the back we had a sure sign of spring. Our ducks returned. They came up looking for food, but when we moved to get them some, they flew back in the water.
We threw some of the cracked corn into the water for them. Then after dinner I looked out and saw two males. Now we had this problem last year. Some other male comes and attacks the female trying to mate with her. Her mate does his best to chase him away, but it can takes days until he leaves them alone. Anyway, I went out to see what was going on. The extra male flew away, but he started flying circles as I kept seeing him come back. I think he was checking to see if I was gone yet. Then he landed back in the water and went after the female. She kept trying to hide in the tunnel (the creek goes underground on our property), but he followed her. Her mate chased him out and down the creek by the bend where their nest is. She came out and I stood very still waiting to make sure she was safe. She must have decided I was safer than the water, because she came up and sat about 7 feet from me. I stayed for awhile and then slowly moved far around her to check on the males. The attacking male flew away and her mate same down to where she was and came up. They stayed there for quite some time. It looked like she was sleeping some of the time and he was guarding her.
The last time I looked out, they were gone--I'm guessing back to their nest. All I cared about was they were safe and she was not being attacked/raped. (I know it is natural for ducks, but I don't think the female should be attacked when she doesn't want to be with him and she is happy with her mate.) So that was our duck drama and our fun day outside! Tonight the rain will come and bring the temperatures down again, but at least we got one day outside in the warmth.

Another Turkey & Winners!

First some announcements:

The winner of the Best Halloween Costume is: Sarah from Happy Lil Lamont with her daughter's beautiful flamingo costume!

The winner of the Melissa & Doug Big Rig Building Truck Play Set is Shannon F. Congratulations, Shannon!! You have three days to email me your address! Please check out Melissa & Doug's Terrific 20 List! Melissa & Doug are giving away a toy from this list every day on their Facebook page!! Plus some of the other blog's contests are still going on. There is a list at the bottom of my contest post of the other ones.

Today I thank God for not having to be in Hazel's picture with Santa Claus this year! (She even had a conversation with him on her own!!)

The other day I was poking around Pinterest and found this great turkey suncatcher from Learn Create Love. Learn Create Love even provides the printable for the turkey. I did mine a bit different however. I used contact paper and put the sticky side up over the pattern and had Hazel stick on fall colors of tissue paper squares over the pattern. Then I cut out a body from brown construction paper. We sealed the tissue paper by folding the contact paper over it. Then I cut out the tail part of the pattern from it. I glued the head/body on and added the face details.

A very easy, quick Thanksgiving craft.

More turkeys and pilgrims

You still have time to enter my current giveaway to win a Melissa & Doug Big Rig Building Truck Play Set!

There is also plenty of time to share your family's activity this week to inspire us all to have more quality family time at Happy Family Times!

Today I am thankful for being able to stay home with my daughter!

Today, we made some more turkey crafts. First though I need to share a turkey craft Hazel made at the library story time with the garden club. 
They have one from last year hanging on the bulletin board in the craft room and I fell in love with it.
When I found out they were going to do it again this year, I signed her up for it. They taught them all about seeds as well. 

Then we made some lollipop turkeys. I got the idea from Spangler Candy. I changed it a bit to what I had.

Then we tried some lollipop pilgrims. They are not what I invisioned, but they work for what they are.

So there are a few more Thanksgiving crafts for you.