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Women in World War I


Today we continue our Women in Wars Series and focus on World War I. Since I'm American and it is National Women's History Month I am going to focus on mostly American women. The changes in the world affected the roles of women in the war. In the Revolutionary and Civil Wars some women disguised themselves as men to fight. This would not have been as easy to get away with during World War I and there military roles for women now. In 1901 the United States established the Army Nurses Corps and in 1908 it established the Navy Nurses Corps. They

Operation Christmas

So a few weeks ago, Annie from Annie One Can Cook shared at Sharing Saturday that she was co-organizing a sign up for Operation: Christmas. Operation: Christmas is volunteering to send a care package to a U.S. Military service person or in this case platoon for Christmas. We were assigned a platoon and the only message I received from its leader was he had a Christmas tree and a few things for it but anything else would be a blessing. I emailed him and asked if there was anything specific they wanted, but did not hear back, so I was on my own. I found a website from Military Missions in Kentucky that had a complete list of suggested things to send. So off I went.
A few of my goals were to have Hazel involved and to send useful things and fun things. I also tried to go a bit healthy with some of it. The platoon has 30 people in it so we made 30 cards. The tree style card idea came from Mudpies and Sunshine and was shared at Sharing Saturday this week. While we had the pom poms and pipe cleaners out, the snowman popped into my head. We made about 7 or so this way and the rest were just rubber stamped since Hazel lost interest. We sent two gift cards to itunes (which I purchased at church so my church got part of the money). Hazel also made one of her wooden color crafts--this one a nativity. I helped her a bit which helped her stay in the lines more than she normally does. We sent individual packaged almonds and trail mix and Craisins. Plus tea bags, iced tea and lemonade mix, hard candies, Lifesavers, candy canes and some Rice Krispie Treats (or I guess I should say Crisp Rice Treats since they are not made with actual Rice Krispie cereal but a crisped organic brown rice--I buy them at Trader Joe's). 

Now sending something to a military person overseas is interesting. They have special flat rate boxes at the post office to send it Priority Mail. Then you have to fill out the long custom form. I have not had to fill out the long custom form to send anything to Dino Boy (Kelly's at Happy Whimsical Hearts son) in Australia or to Kelly for that matter including the knitted farm swap squares.

I do not think Hazel totally understood who we were sending the package to, but she did want to help with it. I'm hoping it is something we can do each year so she learns more about it. Plus I love giving back to the military when they and their families are sacrificing so much to protect our country. 

Also one of my goals this year is to really keep the true meaning of Christmas present in our lives. Between this and donating a toy to the local toy drive done by the fire department in our town, I think Hazel is understanding a bit about giving to people even when we do not know them. Plus we always ask for donations to a local charity for her birthday party since she really does not need anything else and she goes with me to drop everything off (including things she has outgrown--toys and clothes) and sees the factory as they call it. I do hope to instill some charity in her.

What are you doing this year for others? Is this something you do every year or is this the first year you are doing it?