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As a sewer I love the idea of Hazel learning to weave and to see where cloth comes from. I bought her an inexpensive potholder loom when I saw them on sale. (I think I bought it for $5 or maybe it was $2--I can't remember.)

When I showed it to her, she decided she wanted to weave a pillow for her doll, Sarah. She decided to make it yellow and green (until we ran out of the yellow and green loops). In the beginning I really helped/did it for her. You can tell where I stopped helping every step of the way. I decided today when she wanted to finish it to let her do it her way. Every once in awhile I took a turn to make sure it would stay together for her. I have to say she seemed to get the over and under concept better today than when we first started, but still did not get it every other one. Oh, well. She is happy with it. I convinced her that maybe it should be a blanket for Sarah instead of a pillow so we would have to try to sew the lopsided thing. She agreed since she didn't want to hand sew today. here is how it turned out.
Not the prettiest potholder/doll blanket, but she likes it and you can see why making sure you are over and under the right spaces matter. When she is a little older we will try again.

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