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Lavender Heart--Second Sewing Project

Today Hazel wanted to try sewing again, so we made a lavender filled heart out of felt.  I let her choose two colors of wool felt and some embroidery floss and got her started. This time we used my mother's suggestion of doubling the thread which did keep her from pulling the needle off however required me to cut out her mistakes and made it harder to use the thread after it was cut. Together we made our way around her heart and then she filled it with lavender and I closed it and gave her a string. It  is now hanging on her seasonal tree and she wants to  make one for her teachers and her grandmothers for Valentine's Day.
Of course she wants to use the white felt for the gifts so she can save all the colors for herself.
As you can see she is happy with it and was proud to show it to Daddy.

Lavender Fairy & Bedtime routine

Continuing with our fairies of late, meet Lavender Fairy. We light a lavender candle most nights at bedtime. It stays lite while Hazel gets dressed and we read our three bedtime books and I tell her a made up story. One of my made up stories was about Lavender Fairy who always brings calm and relaxation wherever she goes. When we blow out the candle we thank the Lavender Fairy for her relaxing scent. 
I made this little Lavender Fairy using felt, purple beads and stuffed her hat with dried lavender, so she smells of her scent as well. Needless to say, Hazel loves having her to play with the Mushroom Fairy of the earlier post.

Tomorrow I will share some of our nature crafts from all the treasures we have collected on our nature walks!!