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DIY Christmas Decorations -- a Crafty Sundays Post


Sorry I was missing this past week. Hazel got sick and was out of school all week. I felt like I was fighting it and with some extra sleep and Rachel Carapella's advice, I seemed to fight it off. Now sadly Steve seems to have it. Fortunately it is not Covid-19. It seems to be a cold or a little bug. While being home with Hazel I was able to make some crafts I have been thinking about for awhile. Have you noticed gnomes seem to be everywhere this year? One of the moms of one of Hazel's friends loves them so I have been noticing them everywhere. I was going to try to make one of the fabric gnomes shared here, but haven't gotten around to it. I shared the tutorial with my friend but she wanted a non-sewing version so here is what I came up with.

Getting ready for the Holiday Fair

Today I thank God for the beautiful leaves, plants, trees, flowers, animals, etc.!

This week has gotten away from me. Between meetings at church, starting my new temporary part-time job at church, and getting ready for the Holiday Fair at Hazel's school plus a few doctor's appointments and feeling a bit sick I feel like I haven't had much time for Crafty Moms Share. Today I share a few more of the felt crafts I made for the Wee Folk Shoppe at the Holiday Fair.

I shrunk the pattern from Betz White and filled with dry peas and lavender
Idea came from We Bloom Here

Patterns came from Wee Folk Art
Then Hazel and I made these for the Pocket Lady at the Holiday Fair.

Sharing Saturday will be up at its regular time tonight, however the features will be limited since I have not had a chance to visit them and will not have time today. (Today I will be taking a friend in for surgery and helping set up the Wee Folk Shoppe room and then going to the preview sale for adults of all the crafts.)

Lazy day, but lots of crafting

My owls
So I woke up with a sore throat this morning. I think I'm catching Hazel's virus. We have laid low today. I sat in the family room and knitted and did a little needle felting while she played. Oh, and she tried to help, but she didn't listen and stabbed me with the felting needle tool (the one with five needles though one was broken so I think only four went into my finger). I have been working on crafts for the Cape Ann Waldorf School's Holiday Fair. They have a Wee Folk Shoppe where the kids go in and for a certain number of tickets can buy items and have them wrapped for gifts. From what I have gathered many choose gifts for themselves over their parents and the gifts are more aimed that way. I have been working on these owls for it. I got the pattern at Natural Suburbia. I think they are so adorable. I'm going to make Hazel some when I get a chance. I used different size needles to get the two different sizes.