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Happy Family Times #34--Holiday Fair

Today I thank God that Hazel fell asleep without Ducky since we haven't been able to find him since this morning. She cannot remember where she put him. Ugh!!

Have you done something new with your family or was it something relaxing, whatever it was Kelly from Happy Whimsical Hearts and I would love to hear about it. Please share below! We collect family activities each week in hopes of inspiring all of us to have more quality time with our families!

This weekend was the Holiday Fair at Hazel's school. On Friday I spent the afternoon helping to set up and then went back after dinner for a bit of shopping (I was good and did not have any of the wine).  The night before they do a preview for adults only with most of the vendors there. They serve wine and refreshments as well since it is adult only. It really is a lovely evening. 

The next morning I left early to go work my volunteer shift in the Wee Folk Shoppe at the fair. Steve brought Hazel later. We let Hazel go through the Wee Folk Shop and then got some lunch. Then we stood in line to get into the puppet show, but the cut off was before us, so we went to decorate a gingerbread cookie. they made the cutest paper plate holders for the decorated cookies so the kids could wear them around their necks and nibble on them. (See it in Hazel's picture above.)

We also visited the Pocket Lady a few times. Hazel loved picking which gift to get. She did this three times.
She got a gold painted pine cone ornament (which she hung on her tree), a number rubber stamp--either 6 or 9 and a rose quartz (which is on her nature table). She loved doing this.

Next we decorated a candle and a birch candle holder. This was our favorite activity of last year. Last year we made four of these. Each of us did one and Hazel did two. This year we only did one.

By this time Steven had to leave for an appointment, so it was just us girls. We headed out to try our luck at dragon slaying. Last year I was afraid the dragon might be too scary for Hazel so we did not check this out. This year she asked to go try it. I was hoping Steve would take her, but he didn't get a chance before he left. You got three arrows and a bow and had to try to get an arrow in one of the holes on the dragon. If you did, you got a jewel. We did not. We almost hit the dragon once, but with both our hands trying to work it, it did not go too far. This year they moved the dragon slaying outside in the nursery play yard. It was fun, but next year I'll make sure Steve takes her to this activity.
Then we went to the Wee Folk Shoppe again. Hazel got a felt mouse and an applesauce cinnamon ornament from her two trips there. Not what I would have picked of all the treasures there, but she likes them. The whole way home she was making up a story about the mouse.
Then we went into the school store and bought a couple more things and headed home. Overall it was a very fun day!

Now it is your turn to share how your family has spent some quality time lately.

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Ok, now for our PARTY!! Please share your FUN Family Times!!

Getting Ready for the Holiday Fair at Hazel's School

Sharing Saturday is still open for you to share your child-oriented crafts and activities or to be inspired by the amazing ones already shared!

As we approach the holiday season, I found out that we need to supply some things for the amazing holiday fair at Hazel's school, Cape Ann Waldorf School. At the fair they have a Wee Folk Shop where the young children (through second grade) can "shop" for a certain number of tickets they get to go into a room that is set up with silks hanging from the ceiling making it more their size and wonderful gifts to "buy" and then have an elf wrap for them. The idea is for them to get a gift for a family member, but in reality they get themselves a gift. Last year Hazel got a barrette (don't know why since she won't wear one) and a needle felted sheep. She went into it twice. Every family in the Early Childhood Program at the school is asked to donate at least 20 items to the Wee Folk Shop. 

There is also a Pocket Lady. Basically it is a person who wears a dress with pockets everywhere and a child can use one ticket to pick a gift from any pocket. These gifts are meant to be small and can be something like a marble or stone or shell or something small that is homemade. All are suppose to be Waldorf type of gifts and we were asked to wrap these in tissue paper. Every family in the school is asked to donate at least 20 Pocket Lady gifts as well.

With Hazel sick the last few days, I needed something to work on where I could sit next to her, so I made some of these gifts. I needle felted some acorns and used the acorn tops we have been finding. I also needle felted some lady bugs. Oh, and I needle felted a jack o' lantern for Hazel (see above). And of course I made extra acorns and an extra lady bug so Hazel could have some as well. I used the double and triple caps for Hazel.

We also used some stones, pine cones, and shells that Hazel has and Hazel helped me wrap them all.

In the end, we ended up with 40 Pocket Lady gifts and bagged them in groups of 20 (which we were asked to do).

For the Wee Folk Shop I needle felted some snowmen. I saw a cute one at Better Homes and Gardens. I made mine a bit more plain in that Waldorf way of using your imagination.

At the Pumpkin Patch Holiday Fair, I saw some of the cutest ribbon barrettes. Some were Disney princesses (I may try these for Hazel's birthday) and some were snails and animals. I googled, and checked Pinterest and found some tutorials and some ideas. I made a couple of simple bows. Then I tried some flowers. And I attempted the snails (which I fell in love with at the fair). I have more to make, but wanted to share these. They are so easy to do with glue, ribbon and barrettes.  I also had two unused headbands sitting around from our teddy bear picnic and I had some wool felt flowers I bought awhile ago on clearance and just sewed them onto the headbands. They are cute as well.
So here are the first 10 of my Wee Folk Shop contributions. I will be making some more, but thought I would share what I have been up to. Enjoy!!

Happy Family Times #40--Country Fair

Have you done something fun with your family this week? Kelly from Happy Whimsical Hearts and I would love to hear about it. We are collecting all the different activities we do so we can all be inspired to have more quality family time. Please share below. (Be sure to check out Kelly's post as well to read what her family did!)

The first week in October until Columbus Day is always the Topsfield Fair. Steve usually takes a day off during the week so we can take Hazel. We do not like dealing with the crowds on the weekends. This fair is a typical country fair. It has the animals, the 4-H club, as well as rides and food. It has been going on since 1818 though it was once a cattle show. They have been holding it in its existing location since 1910. (Source) The fairgrounds are large and are rented for different events throughout the year, but many organizations have their booths at the Topsfield Fair and they are permanent. In Greater Boston, it is one of the biggest and closest fairs around.

Having grown up in Connecticut I find it strange since the Big E is also in Massachusetts, but it is over an hour away from Boston. The Big E is the country fair of New England and New York. Each state has a pavilion and there are tractor pull competition, animal competitions, etc. However on the Boston radio stations, etc. you always hear talk about the Topsfield Fair. So this is where we head each autumn.

This year the theme for the Topsfield Fair was "It's All About the Food!" And it is a traditional fair with all the fair food--fried dough, kettle corn, etc. Plus all the fall traditional food--apple cider, apple pie, etc. We did not focus too much on food though. I bought us a bag of kettle corn to snack on and we had lunch. We were a little short on time since we went on Friday and Hazel has dance class in the early afternoon, but it was the only day Steve could get off this past week and it ended up being the nicest weather day of the week (since it rained just about every other day).

We walked in at the entrance at KiddieLand. Hazel of course wanted to go on the rides. We bought five tickets (one for me to go on the carousel with her and the rest for her). However they did not charge me on the carousel since she is so young, so she got to go on five rides. We started with the carousel. Then she went on the small train. Then she tried the flying bears and loved it! So she went on the flying elephants. Then with her last ticket she went on the pink sparkly jeep/car ride. She had a blast. Then we went over to the duck races which started in ten minutes, but we just bought some food and fed the ducks and took off. Like I said we knew our time was limited so we didn't want to wait for things.

Next we went to see some of the animals. We saw some alpaca (and they had beautiful yarn they were selling, but I resisted buying it) and some sheep. The ones I took the picture of had already been used for the shearing demonstration. Then we saw the cows. Later on we cut through the poultry, but it was really crowded so we didn't look too much. The pig barn had a long line so we did not wait. And we had specific things we knew we wanted to see so we did not stop at the bees or the rabbits.
Making international news this year was the largest pumpkin. It actually broke the world record. We went to check it out. Hazel wanted to know why there was a large rock in this special glass house. It was of course the pumpkin. I have to admit if it wasn't a world record breaker, we probably would have skipped this area. While there however I picked up some literature on how to grow giant pumpkins, a fact sheet on pumpkins and some coloring pages for Hazel. You can see them all above along with the information we got with the show times, advertisements and map.

We were rushing because this year Hazel had expressed interest in pony rides and she said she wanted to ride the elephant. I rode the elephant with her and Steve did his best to take some pictures. She rode the pony on her own and told me she did not want me to hold on to her. Last year she did not want to go near these animals, so this was a huge improvement.

After riding the animals we made a pit stop at the bathrooms and then got lunch. Besides a few bees trying to get the apple cider, lunch was enjoyable. Then we headed back to the car. Overall it was a wonderful fair day!

Now it is your turn to share how your family has spent some quality time lately.

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Ok, now for our PARTY!! Please share your FUN Family Times!!

Family Time at a Country Fair

Today Steve took the day off so we could go to the Topsfield Fair. This fair pride's itself as the oldest agricultural  fair in America. This was my third time attending it. Steve took me for the first time when we had just started dating six years ago. We took Hazel again last year on a Saturday morning when it first opened for the day, but by the time we got to the young children rides the line for tickets was too long for her to go on any and there were not many she would have been able to go on due to the minimum height requirement. This year she made it by two inches for most of the rides.

We also had gotten two free ride tickets and a voucher for a hot dog and drink from our local library's summer reading program. We actually entered this time right at the young children rides since the entrance near where we parked was next to the flood of the Ipswich River. We headed for the rides first. Hazel wanted to go on the train first thing. She enjoyed being the only person on it.
Then the three of us went on the carousal. She didn't want to try the horses so we sat on a sleigh together. Next we went on the spinning strawberries. Steve didn't get a picture though. Then she drove a race car.

Then we bought some kettle corn and walked around. We found a magician who was quite silly and Hazel (and we) found quite entertaining. His assistant did acrobatics with silk ribbons hanging from the top of the stage. Really beautiful.

Then we found the petting zoo. Hazel of course said she wanted to pet the animals and wanted to feed the animals, but was afraid to when we got closer. She laughed as I fed the goats though. And we watched people ride the elephant and camel. She was fascinated with them, but definitely did not want to go on them.

Then we found more sheep and a cow to see. Then we realized it was lunch time and we were at the place we could get Hazel's free hot dog and drink. We also got hot dogs and some cheese fries for us to share. Then we went to see the pigs, but the line was too long and not moving so we went to see the bunnies. Hazel loved seeing all the rabbits and wanted to be lifted to see them better.

Now we knew our time was running out since we needed to be home by 1:30 for an appointment (and hopefully a nap--which did not happen). So we had one more ride ticket and that was where we needed to exit. So Hazel drove a purple car and I went off to buy apple cider, apple cider donuts and an apple (which they gave me a knife to slice for Hazel). The donuts were just coming out of the fryer when I got them and were still warm when we got them home. They were the best I have ever had.

Overall it was a perfect fall day. The weather was cool and comfortable and finally sunny. The fair was just getting crowded when we left so we timed it all perfectly. The traffic to get into the fair when we left was horrible, so we were really glad we did it how we did.

Do you do any fun fall family activities?