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The Wishing Flower -- New LGBTQ-Inclusive Picture Book


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

June is Pride Month. As a straight ally and teacher, I feel it is important for us to take time to support the LGBTQ community. Today I get to share a brand-new picture book about a first crush between two girls. The book is called The Wishing Flower by A.J. Irving and illustrated by Kip Alizadeh. The recommended ages are 4 to 8.

Fun Facts about Dandelions with Craft & Recipe Round-Up


This week is National Wildflower Week! The other day I shared a post on Facebook about dandelions. A friend had posted it and I assumed it was true but wanted to know for sure. I decided to investigate the common wildflower, dandelions, and wow, what an interesting plant. First, did you know dandelions are in the same family as the sunflower and aster? Whether you see wishes, food or weeds, there is something here for you including where they came from, how to harvest them and how to rid your yard of them if you really want to (fun fact 11).