How to Make a Sandwich -- Book Review & Giveaway


Disclosure: I was sent a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I am working with The Children's Book Review and Lorena M. Proia to bring you this review and giveaway.

There are times when I read a picture book and just think "Ahhhh." Today's book is one of those. I absolutely love this book and hope you will check it out. The book is How to Make a Sandwich by Lorena M. Proia. 

About the Book

How to Make a Sandwich Written and Illustrated by Lorena M. Proia

Ages 4+ | 32 Pages | Publisher: PnM Publishing | ISBN-13: 979-8-9885730-0-5

Publisher’s Book Summary: Making a sandwich is fun and easy! And Rae knows just how to do it. The bread is like the parents, it keeps the sandwich safe and happy. The turkey is the love, the lettuce is the fun. But every time Rae adds an ingredient, it disappears, and she soon realizes there is a sandwich-stealing thief intent on eating her creation! Will Rae ever get to eat her lunch? Suddenly making a sandwich isn’t so easy after all!


About the Author/Illustrator

When Lorena M. Proia graduated with a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in Graphic Design and Painting, she never imagined she’d become an Information Architect in high-tech. She thought her creativity was lost until she was rescued by an Australian Shepherd named Phebe. Inspired by Phebe’s antics, her drawings became Phebe-n-Me, a t-shirt company, which grew up to become a children’s book! How to Make a Sandwich is her first picture book.

You can find out more about her, Phebe, and her books at

From Me:

I love that Rae changes "careers" daily. She is an artist, doctor, scientist, and chef. She is a chef because she is hungry. She decides to make her masterpiece, a sandwich. She explains to her cat how a sandwich is like a family. The bread is like the parents and the various fillings are love, forgiveness, happiness and such. However, Rae's fillings keep disappearing. To be honest I thought it was the cat at first, but eventually the dog is shown. Rae has to make do with what is left for sandwich makings but is glad that avocado represents forgiveness which is all that is left. 

This book has beautiful illustrations as well as a sweet story. I love that Rae is using her sandwich as a metaphor for family. This book is perfect to read as a family or at bedtime. It is also a great way to introduce talking about families and what makes a family. It also is a wonderful introduction to metaphors. I can see classes having a conversation about what makes a family with this book and maybe sharing the different families that the class may have. Are there two parents or just one? Are they a mother and father or two mothers or two fathers, etc.? The book is truly a feel good about families and pets' story but also can lead to some interesting conversations. The story is so adorable I can see it becoming a favorite to be read. Luckily, I think adults will enjoy the story as well. With Mother's Day approaching it is a wonderful book for mom to read young ones and talk about how love, fun, kindness and more make up their family. It will be well loved!


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