Disclosure: I was sent a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Today I am sharing my final review for Multicultural Children's Book Day 2024. It is hard to believe the day is almost here!! Today we are sharing a young adult sci-fi novel that will have you questioning morals and ethics. The book is Orbit by Leigh Hellman. 

From the Publisher:

Ciaan Gennett isn’t green, despite the brand of light hair that betrays her heritage: an Earth mother. A mother she remembers but doesn’t know, who left one day and never came back. Ciaan’s as metal as her home planet—cold and hard and full of so many cracks she’s trying to ignore that she doesn’t have time to wonder about questions that don’t get answers. After one too many run-ins with the law, Ciaan finds herself sentenced to probation at a port facility and given an ultimatum: Prove that your potential is worth believing in. With help from her best friend Tidoris, Ciaan stays away from trouble—and trouble stays away from her. But when a routine refueling turns into a revelation, Ciaan and Tidoris find themselves forced into an alliance with an Earth captain of questionable morality and his stoic, artificially-grown first officer. Their escalating resistance against bureaucratic cover-ups begins unraveling a history of human monstrosity and an ugly truth that Ciaan isn’t so sure she wants to discover. Now they all must decide how far they are willing to dig into humanity's dark desperation—and what they are willing to do about what digs back.

From Me:

Let's begin with the creativity of the manmade metal planets that are satellites to Earth. I love that the governments sent the criminals and poor to the p-planets as the book calls them. Our main character, Ciaan, is half p-planet and half earthling. Her mother was from Earth, but she does not know the whole story. Her mother disappeared when she was younger. Her father is remarried and her second mother cares so much about Ciaan, but Ciaan keeps disappointing her. Ciaan is bullied because of her blond hair. Blond hair is a sign of an earthling and not a person from the p-planets. She also tends to fight the regulations put on hair length and such. She finds herself in trouble over and over and ends up arrested. Her second mother pleads for her to not be sent to a detention center and she ends up working at a port. Her best friend ends up getting a job at the same port. He is in charge of the technology. Things are going fine until Ciaan gets a ship landing that has some illegal cargo. The illegal cargo opens her world to see issues that happened on Earth but were kept from the p-planets and her first mother seems to be right in middle of it. 

The book has so many twists and turns. It delves into the ethics of medical research as well as trafficking people. It also goes into family relationships and loyalty. It is well written and pulls you in. First you want to explore this futuristic world and then you wonder about Ciaan both her past and present. There are mysteries to solve and problems to overcome. Is following the law always the right thing to do? What if it means others will get hurt? Do you still follow the law? These are the questions this book gets the reader thinking about. In a world where the wealthy get ahead and the government is full of people who take bribes or bribed their way in, what does the law mean. And of course, then there is the entire discussion of how Ciaan's world parallels our society. This book will bring about some interesting class discussions if it is assigned. I hope you will check it out!

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