Family Legacy Maps -- a Piece of Your Ancestry on the Wall


Disclosure: I was sent my own Family Legacy Map in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

How much of your ancestry do you know? Do you use one of the on-line services like Ancestry or Family Search? I always find it so interesting. Well, now there is a new company, Family Legacy Maps, that takes your information and photos and creates a family map for you! My friend, Aaron Carapella of Tribal Nations Maps (see my reviews), and Jon Vanderveer cofounded this new company. Can I tell you how neat it is?

In their press release Aaran Carapella is quoted saying, "Genealogy charts have their place. Research is essential. What can get lost, however, is the actual visual story of who your ancestors were and what land they called home. Our site brings you the ability to showcase the country or territory where your ancestors are from and add unique elements from your family that evoke their story. We can also customize maps showing migration across the world." Think about that. Having a visual story to pass down to your kids and grandchildren. I feel so much of our ancestry is unknown even with all the research because the names don't mean much after a few generations. The stories, the photos are what bring meaning. Family Legacy Maps helps you create an heirloom for your family.

I became interested in Family Legacy Maps when I saw Aaron's posts on Facebook. He shared his family map (see above). He chose the Italian part of his family. I reached out to him for more information, and he asked me to write a review of my own. Before I share mine and the process let me show you one more. Aaron's wife's ancestry includes a survivor of the Trail of Tears and her map includes it. (On a side note, I think I need to check out the book pictured on it.)

Now to begin I had to decide what part of my family I wanted on map. I decided to go with my father's father's family or my maiden name. My maiden name is the name of a town in England. Unfortunately I do not have photos of my great grandparents or beyond in this family line. I do have a photo of my grandfather at a young age with his brothers and some neighbor's kids. I have a photo of my grandparents with my dad and uncle when they were young. And I have pictures of my grandparents at different ages. I sent this information and the photos to Aaron and Jon and after some back and forth of what I wanted on the map they sent me back a pdf proof of my map.

After I approved it, they sent me the printed map. There was a small issue at the post office, but once I let them know about it, Jon handled it and the map came within days. (The problem was with the post office and not the company!!) 

The quality of the paper and print is wonderful. It is truly something I know I can give to Hazel and her children so our family will be remembered. Now my big decision is where and how I want to hang it up. I absolutely love it. I would consider hanging it in our house on the Cape that my grandparents built, but since we rent it out in the summer, I don't think it will be treated well. However, I know my sisters would enjoy having it there. 

You can order the physical map in different formats. There is a pdf version, but you can get it printed on paper (like mine), canvas, metal, wood, acrylic, or have it framed. Ready to go make your own family heirloom? Watch this quick video to see how the ordering process works!! Happy legacy building!!