Guapo's Giant Heart -- Sweet Picture Book Based on a Real Calf


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Today I get to share with you a sweet picture book. It is based on a true story about animals. The book is Guapo's Giant Heart: The True Story of the Calf Who Kept Growing by Janet Zappala and Wendy Perkins and illustrated by Lara Calleja. It is recommended for grades 1 and 2.

From the Publisher:

Guapo’s Giant Heart is based on the true, heartwarming story of a baby calf with no place to live . . . until a kind human gives him a loving home. With a safe place to rest his head, along with plenty of food and love, Guapo keeps growing . . . and growing!

Although Guapo is sweet and friendly, not everyone is kind to him at first due to his size. While the animals who’ve known him since he was a baby calf love him, those who meet Guapo later on aren’t so sure—they find his larger-than-life presence intimidating.

Towering over everyone he meets, can this gentle giant teach other animals that being different is a good thing?

From Me:

I love this story. Guapo chooses his new mom, Lynn, when she is there to pick among the three calves. The white mark on his head reminds her of a heart. She names him Guapo which means handsome. Guapo is a loving calf. The other animals at Lynn's barn are friendly and love Guapo. He especially bonds with the potbelly pig, Mabel. However, Guapo is growing. He grows and grows and grows. Soon he is too big for his stall at Lynn's. She needs to figure out something to do with him. She sends him to a farm animal rescue. The only problem is he is big now and the other animals there are afraid of him. He is lonely there. But Lynn brings him his pal, Mabel, so he is happy again. The other animals see him and Mabel playing and snuggling, and they realize they do not need to be afraid.

I love how this book is about animals, friendship, and changes. There is the fear of the unknown and the feeling of an old friend. It is a book kids will treasure. At the end of the book there are actual pictures of some of the animals in the book including Guapo and Mabel. Janet Zappala also shares her story and how she came to meet Guapo. It is just an adorable story and book. I hope you will check it out!