Bambi 1,000-Piece Puzzle


Disclosure: I was sent this puzzle in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Did you know this coming Monday (October 5) is World Animal Day? To honor this day and the world's animals I am going to be sharing several animal themed products over the next few days. Today we are going to start with a fun jigsaw puzzle I fell in love with because it is such an adorable picture. The Bambi Puzzle by Nathalie Lété’ is a great quality and the picture is beautiful. 

From the Publisher:

Welcome to Nathalie Lété’s Enchanted World

Hello, Bambi. Hello, Garden Gnome. And hello to the beetle who is saying “Hello, my friend” back. Walking into this woodland clearing is like entering a dream. Piece by piece, retrace the magic of Nathalie Lété’s imagination, and revel in her breathtaking colors and imagery.

  • 1,000 full-color interlocking pieces
  • Art print with puzzle image
  • Finished puzzle is 19" x 23 4/5"

From Me: 

I began this puzzle on Tuesday. I had a tough day and just was having trouble focusing on much so I pulled out this beautiful puzzle. I fell in love with the picture as soon as I saw it. And when I was having the bad day it was the perfect thing to look at and put together. The photo above shows what I got done that first day. Even with being gone for one of the days I was able to finish the puzzle today.

I love that you can see the paintbrush strokes in the puzzle. The picture is just magical. It makes you smile to look at it. The puzzle itself is a high quality. The back of the pieces are all solid yellow. The picture is relatively easy to put together because of the painting colors and techniques. It is recommended for ages 14 and over. I hope you will check it out!