Sins of Our Mothers -- Mommy Time Review


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Today I get to share with you a dystopia adult novel. It will have your mind thinking about the roles and rights of women and men in our society. The book is Sins of Our Mothers by Nicole Souza. 

From the Publisher:

It has been fifteen hundred years since the solar flare devastation of the Global Catastrophe. Due to the radioactivity in the harvesting fields, society dismisses its defective children as nothing more than flawed products of the malfunctioned seeds in the field.

But Lyratelle, a hyper-observant musical prodigy, believes these “defects” are intelligent, particularly her own sibling, the youngest child of her impervious mother. Abandoning her dream career, Lyratelle climbs the bureaucratic ladder to run the Defect Research Center, where she can safeguard the child.

With an underground team of women who share her uncertainties, Lyratelle unearths the Old History truth that womankind’s survival actually hinges on the existence of these defects.

When General Sarah Love, the city’s most powerful advocate against the defects, detects Lyratelle’s sympathy toward the creatures, she threatens the life of Lyratelle’s sibling.

Now Lyratelle’s desperate attempt to save this child endangers everyone she loves—her team, her family, even the existence of the defects themselves.
Print Length: 358 Pages
Genre: Dystopian Fiction
Publisher: E.L. Marker

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From Me:

My mind went all over the place reading this book. I will start by saying it took me awhile to get into the book. I did have a little trouble following who was who in the book with the use of first names at times and last names at other times. But once I was into the book I couldn't wait to read more and finish it. I wanted to know what happens and had trouble putting it down. It got me thinking about many different things having to do with women and men and their roles and relationships.

My first thoughts were about Wonder Woman and Themyscira. (I am a child of the 70s and grew up watching the television series.)I tried to imagine a world without men and what it might be like. I found the book confusing in the fact that I couldn't understand how babies were created by seeds picked and how solar flares had damaged some.

Once I got into the book and realized there were men in the world it fell into place a bit more for me. As a mathematician I do believe in science. Then seeing how the different women treated the men was really interesting. Then of course there was human nature happened with the attraction between some women and men. I found the book so interesting and my mind is still thinking about different parts. It was realistic (besides the idea that women believed babies were made with plant parts). It was well written and the characters were well developed. I loved that each characters questions are answered by the end of the book and it gives the reader a full understanding of the society. I definitely recommend this book and hope you will check it out!

About the Author, Nicole Souza

Nicole’s fuel is conversation. She loves hearing people’s stories and glimpsing the experiences that make them who they are. With a particular interest in women’s history and their individual stories, she has birthed a story that provides all the ingredients for a thought-provoking read.

You can discover more about Nicole’s work on her website: