A Book that Teaches a Girl's Rights to Her Body & Emotions


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

There have been a few books I have shared over the years that are must reads. When I say must read these are books that are about making our girls strong and keeping them safe. Today's book is one of these. I want girls that teach girls that they don't have to put up with the boys pressuring them into sex or that they need to change their ways because of boys. I want our girls to be confident, smart and happy. I'm still looking for books that teach our boys to control their own desires instead of putting it on the victims, but until those books are written I will keep sharing my must read books. Today's book is A Girl's Bill of Rights by Amy B. Mucha and illustrated by Addy Rivera Sonda. 

Let's face it there are mean girls out there and they start being mean younger and younger. I know I have been dealing with Hazel being picked on for years. This book shares things like girls have the right to like what they like, wear what they want, make up their own minds and change their minds. This book is full of giving girls permission to think for themselves!! Plus it is full of a diverse range of girls.

Although some of the things the girl has a right to may have specific rules like where you can be loud or dress codes, these wonderful rights are about teaching girls to be themselves and not just follow the standards of society.

It also shares that a girl has the right to feel what she feels even if her feelings make others uncomfortable. How amazing! Girls need to know their feelings are all right and normal. Girls learn early on to hide their emotions because of how it makes others feel. Let's face it girls who are taught to hide their emotions are set up for many problems later in life.

It gives girls permission to say "Stop" or "That hurts me" when someone is being disrespectful or mean to them. It teaches that no one has the right to hurt anyone. It teaches that girls have the right to be themselves without others teasing, judging, and being mean. I LOVE this message!! The messages in this book are why it is a must read book. The illustrations are also amazing. I love that the girls are different races, different personalities and more. The book is recommended for ages 4 to 8. I think it should be in every children's library, school library and lower elementary classrooms. I hope you will check it out.