Modernizing the Traditional Double Wedding Ring Quilt


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My mother made two quilts when I was younger that became somewhat family heirlooms. The first was a sampler. I believe it was her first quilt. It had squares to represent our family, our home and more. The other was a double wedding ring quilt. I don't really remember when she made this one but I fell in love with it. My sisters and I all fell in love with both quilts. My mother decided to pass them on to us. I got the sampler because I'm the one who can mend it. The binding is in need of replacing. One of my other sisters got the double wedding ring. My goal is to make my own double wedding ring at some point. Although I tend to like more traditional quilts I was very interested to see what Victoria Findlay Wolfe came up with modernizing this quilt pattern in Double Wedding Ring Quilts Traditions Made Modern.

Victoria takes the traditional pattern and modernizes it with color choices and changing the pattern in different ways. For example the one below has white rings with extra black rings and patterns. Victoria calls this one Double Edge Love and in the book suggests you push the colors. 

She goes on to give you instructions but allows you to make your own choices and push your own extremes. Her quilts use what she calls made-fabric which is pieced fabric made from scraps or on purpose for the design. 

This one is called Leona. It uses the arcs in a different way. Again the color patterns add to the design to make it modern even with the scrap arcs. Her choices of the bold red, black and white really modernize the quilt. 

The one above she calls Bright Lights, Big City. This is one of my favorite two in the book. In this one she makes rounded squares instead of circles with the "arcs". The bright colors add to the patterns. 

This one is Remembering Christmas Past. I love how she uses the red and green as well as holiday fabrics to make this one. This one is more traditional in many ways. Victoria pushes the traditions in this book. Some of the quilts play with solids as well as some of the pattern. It creates a whole new look and style with the same traditional pattern glimpsing in it. I hope you will check out this modern take and explore the ways you can play with the double wedding ring quilt pattern.