Board Book Round-Up

Disclosure: I was sent copies of these books in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions are my own.

Today I am sharing some six board books for through preschool. These books range in what they cover from fun stories to educational to Halloween. Plus one of our favorite bedtime stories from when Hazel was young. The first book is for babies. It is Look! Babies Head to Toe by Robie H. Harris and illustrated by Anoosha Syed. 

This book is a very simple book written for babies. Now most people know how babies love to see other babies even in books and that is what this book is. It is filled with illustrations of babies!! It talks about body parts from eyes to toes and everything in between. I can imagine babies will love hearing and seeing this fun book!!

Our next book is part of the Leo Lionni's Friends series. It is A Little Book about Colors by Leo Lionni. It is illustrated by Leo Lionni and Jan Gerardi. This book teaches colors. It is very simple with a color written on a page of that color and then an illustration and words of something that is that color. For example for yellow the words are "a glass of fresh lemonade". This book is fun for the younger child to learn colors. 

This brings me to our bedtime favorite from Hazel's younger years. When I asked if she remembered it she did not but we read it literally every night for over a year. When I read it to her again she wanted me to repeat it just like she did when she was little. Then she wanted to read it to me which she couldn't do when she was little. However when she was little we both knew this book by heart. This book is about Sam, a young bear cub, being put to bed by his mother. There is only one problem. His mother is forgetting part of the routine. And it is a very important part of the routine! This book is such a fun and loving book. The story is sweet and reminds you of why you love being a parent!!

The illustrations and the story are amazing. I am so glad they are publishing this book again!

Our next book is All Aboard! The Airport Train by Nichole Mara and illustrated by Andrew Kolb. This book is a fun book because the pages unfold to look like a long train (almost four feet long). Each page is a car of the train. The pages also have things to look for on the page. Can you find the various animals or make the sounds of instruments and more. It is a great book. It is recommended for preschool and up. 

Our next book is Who Is Afraid of Little Wolf? by Yayo Kawamura. Little Wolf is bored and looks for someone to play with him. There is one problem. The other animal kids do not want or are not allowed to play with a wolf. Finally Little Wolf finds Little Bee. Little Bee is not afraid of Little Wolf and they become friends right away and have a great time. The other kids come out and want to join their fun. It is a great book about fears and friendship as well inclusion. 
The book is colorful and fun. It is recommended for ages two to five year-olds.

Our final book is a Halloween book. It is Monsters Come Out Tonight! by Frederick Glasser and illustrated by Edward Miller. 

Here is a fun Halloween book that has flaps to lift up. Each page has something about the monster it is describing and then under the flap it tells the particular monster to come out and it ends with them all at the monster ball. It is relatively simple and not scary. This book is recommended for three to five year-olds.