Photo Home Decor Review with Special Savings Code

Disclosure: Artsy Couture sent me these prints of my sister's photographs in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you how my sisters and I are fixing up my parents (and grandparents) former house on Cape Cod to rent out. We want some home decor with Cape Cod/beach theme without being too personal. My sister who is an amazing photographer (she has an art degree and use to work professionally as a photographer), took some photos of places around the house and sent them to me. I asked Artsy Couture for help in making them into something we can use at the house (that is if I am willing to give them up--I haven't decided yet). The house sits on a saltwater marsh on the bay side so it has the most beautiful sunsets. She was able to capture one in these photographs. 

My contact at Artsy Couture suggested smaller metal prints since my sister used her phone camera so the quality wasn't great. These are 8-inch by 12-inch prints. She sent me the boxes to hang them since I said we were looking for wall decor but explained they usually send easels for this size print. Now the thing about metal prints I have found is the photographs look amazing on them but taking a photograph of it is near impossible. The metal takes on every reflection and the better the lighting the worse the reflection is. So I apologize to you for seeing the reflections in these pictures. 

This picture is a photograph of the view from the deck. The little light blue is actually the Cape Cod Bay. It is a view I grew up with most of my life since my grandparents built this house to retire in and we went for almost every school vacation as well as a few weeks every summer. This print was the one I had the most trouble getting a good picture of because of the reflections. No matter where I hung it there was something that it would pick up and otherwise it would have me and my camera in the reflection. However the photo is beautiful and printed on metal just intensifies the colors and the view.

Now this photo is my favorite. I am in love with it and the metal brings out the deepness of the sunset. The phragmites blowing in the wind with the setting sun behind them is just so beautiful. It is a view I love so much. I loved the original photographs but the prints are amazing!! 

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