Canvas Factory Canvas Print Review & #Giveaway

Disclosure: Canvas Factory gave me a coupon code to receive this canvas for free and is offering one to a lucky reader!!

So last spring my parents surprised us with the news that they wanted to move out of the house my grandparents built on Cape Cod. The initial thought had been to sell the house, but once we all worked on getting them moved and the house somewhat emptied my father changed his mind. It was his parents that built the house. This is a house we spent most of our school vacations and at least a week or more of the summer at while growing up. It has always been a second home to us. My parents moved there when my grandmother was not doing well and couldn't take care of herself. After she died, they stayed there. They had already sold their home in Connecticut by that point. So this was a bit of a crazy time for all of us. In July we went from get the house on the market to fix up the house for renters. One of my sisters, bless her, has been doing the majority of the work. She was trained to paint houses and has a bit of an eye for design. She is also the pickiest out of the three of us. Well we decided to decorate the house with non-personal photos and pictures of beach life. My other sister (who use to work for a photographer) happened to take this amazing photograph on the beach that you can walk to from the house. I approached Canvas Factory for help with some of our decorating.

She took it with her phone and had texted it to us. Now on my small screen I could see it was beautiful, but I have to say on the 16" by 20" canvas from Canvas Factory the photo is amazing!! The details are so wonderful. You can almost feel the sand in your toes and the wind in your hair and the ocean smell in your nose. This beach is on the Cape Cod Bay is often rather calm. At low tide you can walk for miles out to the water with tide pools along the way. It looks like the tide was probably going out in this photo. I love seeing the white caps on the water since it was obviously taken after a storm. I have heard this beach described as smooth as a bathtub. There really are not big waves. It is the perfect beach for young children. 

The details in the photograph really come through and the photo is wrapped around the sides. I was afraid the quality of the photograph would not be good enough to be blown up this big, but I have to say I LOVE it!! Hazel is not sure she wants to let me bring it the Cape house. She loves seeing the beach we often go to hanging on our wall. I am so happy with how this canvas came out. The quality is amazing and the details and colors are brilliant. 

Now for the really exciting part!! Canvas Factory is allowing me to offer a giveaway for your own 20" by 16" canvas or 18" by 12" canvas. Do you have a photograph you want to have blown up and put on canvas? I love hanging these memories in my house. In the past we have done photos with Hazel in them. I love how the landscape came out on this one!! To enter to win your own canvas follow the Rafflecopter. Please follow my Giveaway Rules including must be U.S. resident. Good luck!! And if you don't want to wait to win, head on over to Canvas Factory and order yours today!! You will not be disappointed!

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  1. I would certainly use a photo of my son Eli. I love taking his photo so finding the perfect one will be tough !

  2. I would put a picture of my daughters from Christmas on a canvas.


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