Back to School Books

Disclosure: I was sent these products free of charge. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As always I am providing links to the book for your convenience.

Since we started our back to school posts yesterday with some new clothes and accessories from Gymboree, I thought I would share some books that are also perfect for back to school. Our first book is Milk Goes to School by Terry Border. Terry Border also wrote Peanut Butter and Cupcake and Happy Birthday, Cupcake

In Terry Border style the pictures are photographs of food and other things made with everyday items. The characters are food with paper clips for arms and legs. In this story it is the first day of school and Milk is a bit nervous, but she goes off and tries to be her friendly self. Waffle however decides that Milk is spoiled. This book has some fun plays on the food as characters. Milk does not think she is spoiled and tries to sniff herself to see. It shares so much of the nervousness most kids feel the first day in a very fun way. In the end Milk's classmates realize she is nice just like them. We really enjoyed this one. It is a fun book for the start of the school year.

Our second book is My Friend Maggie by Hannah E. Harrison. Paula and Maggie are best friends. Paula doesn't mind that Maggie is a bit big and fat or at least she doesn't until the other kids start to call her big and clumsy. Paula starts to hang out with the other kids (the popular ones) until they turn on her and guess who sticks up for her--Maggie. This is a book about friendship and loyalty. It shares the message of sticking up for your friends. It is the perfect book for kids starting school or perhaps dealing with some social issues. It is a fun book that helps with social issues of school.

Our third book deals is about bullying. You're Not Ugly, Duckling! by Neil Price and illustrated by Steve Smallman is a new twist on the classic story. Tufty is the last duckling to hatch and he looks different than his brothers and sisters. They tease him even though their mother says not to. Finally Tufty has had enough and runs away. Everyone is worried about Tufty and Sparrow manages to find him and bring him home. When they get there, Tufty ends up needing to save his family and after that no one teases him again. Talk about taking a classic story and relating it to real life. This book is perfect for a discussion about bullying. 

Another book in the Fairytales Gone Wrong Series is Snow White and the Very Angry Dwarf also by Neil Price and illustrated by Steve Smallman. This book deals with anger management. The dwarfs in this book are different from the classic Snow White tale. They have names like Shouty, Hungry, Hairy, Whiffy and Angry. Angry is always shouting at the other dwarfs and is very rude to Snow White. Snow White however finds Angry and helps him find a way to calm himself down. Snow White helped all the dwarfs communicate with each other better and thus get along better. Oh, and Angry happens to bump into an old lady carrying a shiny red apple when he is out calming himself down. And there goes the poison apple and the wicked queen stomps off angrily.

I hope you will look into these books as your kids start back at school. We love them all!