PBS Kids Halloween DVDs Review

Disclosure: PBS Kids gave me a copies of these DVDs free of charge. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As in all my reviews I am providing links for your ease, but receive no compensation.

Are you ready for Halloween? We are not. Nor are we excited for it. I really do not like the holiday and all the Halloween items seemed to be out extra early this year and they seem extremely gruesome. Has anyone else felt this way? Hazel has had bad dreams since seeing some of those bigger than life size lawn decorations at a store. I have realized it is better to not take her to most stores at this point or to avoid the ones with so many Halloween decorations. Hazel has not decided what she even wants to be yet, but she knows she has to choose from costumes she has or the Princess in Black

This year we are focusing on calmer and not so frightening parts of Halloween. PBS Kids has helped by sending us three DVDs to review from some of Hazel's favorite shows.

WordWorld Halloween Fun! has some of the same shows as last year's but also has three more stories. Hazel loves these stories as they are not scary and she does not get to watch WordWorld very often except at Gymboree if she happens to catch it on the television there. She loved all five stories and it is a fun start to the Halloween season. We recommend it for the younger children. At six Hazel is really becoming a bit old for it.
Peg + Cat: A Totally Awesome Halloween has four stories on it. It has some Halloween fun  as well as some episodes like The Bermuda Triangle Problem. We LOVE Peg + Cat. Hazel loves the catchy songs and stories and I love that she is learning math during it. Again not a scary thing in this DVD.
Now Caillou was once Hazel's favorite show. Now she still enjoys him, but he is really for younger children. She did enjoy watching Caillou's Halloween. It has 13 stories. Some are Halloween related and others are fall. Hazel remembered some of them from when she was young, but not all of them. Again not too scary. We loved it.

So here are three Halloween DVDs that will not be too scary for children including some for younger children. Enjoy!! Happy Halloween!!