Multicultural Monday-- Kevin So

The weekend after Hazel's last day of school this year, Kevin So was playing in Cambridge at a venue I felt would be safe for Hazel called Club Passim. Hazel was really excited to go to her first "rock" concert and even more excited that I know Kevin So. I met Kevin back in my teaching days when I ran a diversity club. After having him come perform at the school for our diversity celebration I started going to his shows. He lived in Boston then and was playing around the area often. We got to know each other. I had all of his CDs up to the time he left for New York and then Nashville. Over the years his music style has changed, but it is still great. It is original and he sings often about his own experiences as a Chinese American.

The show did not start until 8 p.m. which is past Hazel's bedtime, but we figured for one night it would not matter. It was a fun way to kick off her summer vacation. I had not bought his latest CD, Countryside yet, so we purchased it at the venue. More about the great CD later.

Our adventure started with getting there and parking near the venue. I knew where there was a parking lot nearby and we parked there. We walked over and got our tickets and the CD and were seated at a table. Since we already ate dinner we ordered just an appetizer--homemade tator tots which were delicious!! It was cold in the venue and I forgot to bring Hazel's sweater. One of the employees offered her his shirt to wear. We took it since she was so cold. After we finished the tator tots we decided to share a dessert of banana bread pudding. It was delicious as well. The opening act was Rebecca Correia and she was very good. During the break between acts we were standing out near the entrance since it was warmer there and out came Kevin So and Buck Reid. They had time to pose for a picture with us.

Needless to say Hazel was so excited to get a picture with them!! Buck Reid plays a pedal steel guitar and accompanied Kevin. They performed the songs from Countryside. It was such a great show at least what we got to see. Kevin's mother was in the audience which always makes it a fun time. Kevin is so amazing live and entertains the crowd well. If you ever get a chance to see him live jump on it!! You will not regret it.

Hazel lasted until about 10 p.m. before she was falling asleep at the table. We left then. She was able to walk to the car. I wasn't sure if she would be able to or not. We listened to the new album on the way home. She was beaming from going to her first concert. 

The album is wonderful. We both enjoy listening to it. It is full of songs both new and old for Kevin So. It has a remake of Five Days in Memphis, and June Carter Cash, Countryside and so many other great ones. You can listen to a few samples on Kevin's website as well as see some videos of making the album and the promotional video. Plus above is a Youtube video from his channel.  It is such a wonderful experience to see a Chinese American singing a bit of jazzy rock blues. I love his music and have played his CDs many times. They are among my favorites to hear. 
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