Spot a Lot Vehicle Adventure Book Review

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Disclosure: Parragon Books sent me a copy of this book free of charge. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As always I am providing links to the book for your convenience.

So recently I became a Parragon Books Buddy. They are going to send us a picture book each month to review. This month's book is Spot A Lot Vehicle Adventure by Steve Smallman and Nicola Slater. I have to admit when I saw the title I was thinking it would be a book we would read, review and pass on, however when we got it Hazel fell in love with it! Usually vehicles are not really her thing, however she loves to play "I Spy" and loves this book as a result.

This book is full of wonderful illustrations and various things to find on each page. The story of the book is watching a package make its way from the sender to the receiver. Along the way you need to find 1 motorbike with a sidecar, 2 cars that do not have roofs, etc. all the way to 10 helicopters. On each page there are also other things in smaller print to find. Hazel loved looking for everything. Oh, and in the beginning of the book it tells you to look for a certain dog on every page. Here is a sample of the pages without any words on it. (This is where you look for two cars without roofs and then four yellow umbrellas, an open manhole, and a dog wearing an umbrella hat.) Of course you could look for all sorts of other things from the flamingo to the bicycle.

The pictures are fun with many things that do not quite fit like a giraffe waiting to cross the street or an alligator carrying a newspaper, however it just makes the search more fun and adds some more dimensions to the game for the next time you read the book. 

This is the perfect book for any child who likes to play "I Spy" or hunt for things. It is a fun version where you do not go blind looking for a small thing in a crazy page and where the readers can add more challenge each time the look at the book. I have to say this one is a keeper for us. It is a book Hazel can look at and read on her own for the most part and have fun doing it! Be sure to check it out!!