DIY Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ears and Free Printable Party Signs

Our next craft for the Minnie Mouse themed upcoming party is ears of course. I tried to make ears last year before we went to Disney World. However they came out floppy. I decided to go back and figure out what I did wrong. I followed the tutorial at The Suburban Mom: How to Make Mickey Minnie Mouse Ears for a Party. She provides a free downloadable pattern. I used this pattern with some adjustments. I found the space between the two circles was too big for the size headband I used. I folded my pattern a bit to shrink it. This definitely helped in getting them to stand up. I also used the foam this time. I used two pieces of sticky foam and I used my 3-inch punch to make the circles instead of her pattern (which is a 3-inch circle).

Modeling the Mickey Ears
Since it is a pain to cut felt with a pattern, you need to trace the pattern onto the felt. Since black is hard to trace on to, I used my sewing chalk tracer. I cut the felt folded over so I got both ears for one headband each time. Then I stuck on the foam. Then I put glue on both sides, around the foam and on it and on the space between. I folded each one onto the headband leaving a few inches inbetween. Then I let them sit for a bit. To make the Minnie Mouse ears, I made a bow. After several attempts at bows, I followed The Suburban Mom's tutorial again and used a thinner ribbon to tie the bow. Then I cut the ends of the thin ribbon and glued the bow on.

Modeling the Felt Minnie Ears
I wanted Hazel to have a special pair of ears for her party. We decided to buy a sparkly black headband for hers (for $1 at Joann Fabrics). Since this headband is wider, I used the pattern as The Suburban Mom posted it for this one. I also picked up a 1/4 yard of sequin black fabric. After making the felt ears the same as above, I cut the same pattern out of the sequin fabric. Then I folded it over itself and sewed along the curve. Then I cut the fold and turned it the correct way. Next I folded the foam ears and stuffed them into the sequin cover. I am very happy with how they came out and so is Hazel.

Now I plan to leave a basket of the ears out with a sign. My plan is to leave them on a small table on the driveway, so the kids can pick them up as they come back to the yard.  I made two signs and am going to let Hazel pick out the wording she likes better to go with it.

I printed out the signs and cut one of the Mickey heads out. Then I traced it on the back of sparkly scrapbook paper and cut it out. Once she chooses the wording I'll glue the sparkly pink head on and frame it. If you want a copy of the signs (both in one pdf with different color choices for the words) click here or on the picture above. Here is a quick look at the sample display.

While doing my signs, I made a "Thank you for coming" sign similar to what I saw at Catch My Party. Mine is just smaller and has more characters on it. 

I also did the words in different colors in case anyone wants to use it for a Mickey themed party.

To download your own copy (in all three colors) click here or on one of the pictures above. Stay tuned for more Minnie Mouse fun!!

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