A Princess Sort of Day

Today we finished a few store provided (one bought and one was a gift) of princess crafts and I made Hazel her Snow White pajamas. It was a very princess craft day here.

This morning we woke up and finished coloring our Princess Shrinky Dinks. The kit came with some to be stickers and some to be charms. (Yet the chain bracelets it came with for the charms does not have a clasp, so until I get one, we cannot finish it.)
While we finished up the coloring I preheated the oven and then we put them in on the parchment paper above. Hazel watched them in the oven and this is what they came out as.

We put the sticker backs on the ones that were stickers and the s-hooks on the charms.
The other day we started painting the suncatchers Hazel received as a birthday gift. They needed to dry over night, so today, we hung them up on Hazel's windows. 
Painting the suncatchers
The box told you what colors to mix to get the appropriate colors for each part, but we just did it however we wanted. I actually did touch up some of them afterwards, but that was more to see the color so she would like them.

Then this afternoon, I made Hazel's Snow White pajamas. She has been waiting for them for a long time. I bought the flannel at Joann Fabrics (with a 50% off coupon back in November or December). I used McCall's Pattern Number M5965, which is the easiest pajamas ever. They literally only took me a couple of hours and that included tracing the pattern onto freezer paper so I could use the larger sizes when she grows. She loves them though she was unhappy in the picture because she found her pink toothbrush in the garbage and I told her she could not take it out. Oh, well. At least they are done. Now I just need to make her bathrobe and a few more pairs of pajamas.

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  1. Every girl needs a princess day once in a while! (I'm thinking *mine* is long overdue...)

    I'd love if you'd share this at my Teaching Time link up and weigh in on the question of the week!


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