Hazel's Fairy Garden

The arbor entrance to the large garden

Large garden overall view

The table and the butterfly

The Fairy entertains a butterfly with tea
Large garden overall view

Small garden
This afternoon Hazel and I created her fairy gardens. We started with a small one, but Hazel wanted to keep adding to it and so we decided to make a large one. We have been shopping all week for things for her fairy garden. The first thing she said she wanted in it was a wagon, so we bought a miniature wagon. She fell in love with the colored "stones" which she decided were seeds (tomato seeds to be exact) and she wanted to plant them all so they would grow fast, big and strong. She also seemed to love the blue glass "stones" so we made a fish pond with them and bought some fish to put in them.
Small Garden different view

Fish pond and the wagon.
Large Garden Entrance
Fairy in her rosebud bed
She planted so many seeds I decided it was time for the large garden. We made this one on a piece of foam core which we first covered with green construction paper. Then we used pink rose petals and other silk flowers as a covering. The arbor is just woven grapevine decorated with a bird's nest, cardinals, flowers and butterflies. Hazel wanted the birds and butterflies. She also loved the horse. We had a few problems with Fluffy wanting to play with all the pieces, but we also know Hazel will be playing with it as well.

We will be entering it in Magic Onions Fairy Garden Competition. I'm going to glue down the arbor and table and fish pond and such and then change it for the various seasons. I know Hazel is looking forward to playing with it and recreating it over and over.