Faith Celebration--United Church of Christ

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 Back in September I reviewed the beautiful book, Everyone Prays: Celebrating Faith Around the World by Alexis York Lumbard. As I thought about this book I began to think about how wonderful it would be to have a place to learn about the different world religions in a personal way. I talked to some of my fellow bloggers at Multicultural Kid Blogs and came up with the wonderful series that will include a giveaway of the book. Each blog participating will be sharing about their own religion and all will be linked together on January 25th at Multicultural Kid Blogs with a review of the book and the giveaway. In my part here is to share about my own religion.
Immanuel Congregational Church (Source)

I grew up attending Immanuel Congregational Church in Hartford, Connecticut. This is the church in which I was baptized and attended Sunday School. For a short while my  mother served as the Interim Director of Christian Education there. It was a church with a lot of history. It is across the street from the Mark Twain House in Hartford and I was always told that Mark Twain called it the oily cloth church because of the yellow and green tiles above the entrance. 

DIY Disney's Frozen Birthday Party Thank You Notes--Free Printable

Last week we shared the fun things we did, served and decorated with for Hazel's Frozen-themed birthday party. The girls are still talking about it and how much fun they had. Hazel thinks it was the best party ever!!

In true good manner fashion, I always want Hazel to write thank you notes for gifts. So far I have been writing them and she signs her name or draws a picture. Our next door neighbor gave her some fill-in-the-blank thank you notes that she no longer needs (she is 12). It gave me the idea of making our own Frozen-themed ones. I used Avery postcards which I used for the goody bag tags. I used them for our thank you notes as well. I used a picture from Oh My Fiesta on it. Then I added a text box and used Comic Sans font since it looks a bit like handwritten and has the letters how they write them in school. Her class is full of emerging readers. I helped her spell her friends' names and gifts and she was able to "write" her thank you notes without much effort from me. You can print these thank you notes as well!

And since I never shared the invitation with you here it is. I printed it on snowflake paper I bought ages ago and saved. Hazel was upset that she was not turning eight so I could go with the tradition of making it rhyme.

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Big Red Kangaroo Book Review

Have you entered my current giveaway for a wooden watch?

Disclosure: Candlewick Press gave me a copy of this book free of charge to review. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As in all my reviews I am providing links for your ease, but receive no compensation.
 We are so excited to share this fun book with you today. Big Red Kangaroo by Claire Saxby is a wonderful book about red kangaroos. It was released last week. In similar fashion to Grandma Elephant's In Charge (which I reviewed last month), Big Red Kangaroo follows a dominant male red kangaroo with his mob but also gives facts about red kangaroos in side notes. The dominant male kangaroo is responsible for the safety and livelihood of its mob which is made up of females and joeys (baby kangaroos). Young male adult kangaroos will challenge the dominant male for the mob. The dominant male will have to fight off or scare off the challengers. He also has to help find the safe places for the mob to eat and rest during the hot sunny days. It is so interesting to learn about the harsh climates these animals live in. 

Sharing Saturday 15-2

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 Thank you to everyone who shared with us last week! There were some amazing ideas as always!! And a very special thank you to everyone who visited the posts shared!! For features this week we have penguins & more and Valentine's Day and more.

Just Us Girls Book Review--Mother Daughter Crafts

Disclosure: I was sent this book to review free of charge from Quarry Books. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. I am including links to each item for your convenience but do not receive anything if you purchase them.

Today I get to share with you a wonderful book called Just Us Girls: 48 Creative Art and Craft Projects for Mothers and Daughters to do Together by Cindy Ann Ganaden. This book has some fun projects for any mother and daughter team to try. It promotes bonding time which is always important. Hazel loves that it is called Just Us Girls. She thinks of it as a secret time to do fun things. As usual I let Hazel go through and pick some crafts to try. She limited herself this time or maybe I limited her by not giving her as many papers to mark pages.