Virtual Flat Stanley

We are now hosting a new series of Virtual Flat Stanley traveling around the world. To participate you can download this template. Have your child decorate Flat Stanley or Flat Sophia in a manner similar to someone from your country. Then take pictures of Flat Stanley/Sophia with your child (if you are willing to let me publish a picture of your child at Crafty Moms Share) and/or at different scenic places in your country/hometown, etc. Then write a paragraph about where you took your Flat Stanley/Sophia and about your child (name to use on Crafty Moms Share and age) and anything else that is interesting about your country that you would like to share. For a sample paragraph you can check out this post. Then send the paragraph and pictures to me at craftymomsshare at gmail dot com. Please include your blog name if you have one and any other pertinent information. Then come back and read about where Flat Stanley/Sophia travels to each week. You can also add a button to your blog including your own picture of Flat Stanley. I will email you a button with your picture when I post your Flat Stanley. By participating in this series you are giving permission to use your pictures and information sent to me on my blog, Crafty Moms Share.
Flat Sophia started in Massachusetts, USA then went to