Fish and Flamingo and Paradise Heart Flutter

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One book Hazel and I have enjoyed and shared about is Fish and Flamingo by Nancy White Carlstrom and illustrated by Lisa Desmini. While checking out some of the tees at Gymboree, I loved the Paradise Heart Flutter Tee because it reminded me of the beautiful story in the book. As soon as Hazel saw the tee she remembered the book even though we read it a couple of years ago.

Paradise Heart Flutter Tee

This shirt has two flying flamingos and two swimming fish in the picture. In Fish and Flamingo, the unusual friendship of a fish and flamingo occurs one year. The fish tells the flamingo about the silver starlight and the flamingo tells the fish about the beautiful pink sunrise. When the flamingo is ready to move with her flock she tells the fish to look up to the sky. The fish gathers all of his friends to see his friend off. What the fish see are all the pink flamingos flying by and they think it is the sunrise and the flamingo sees all the silver fish gathered in the spot glittering in the sun and she thinks it is a star. They both remember their friend and the gift they received from each other without knowing that both had given a gift. Here is a close up of the paradise heart flutter tee so you can see why it reminds me of the story.

Today only Gymboree is offering 50% on-line summer purchases or until July 12, you can get an extra 40% off your entire purchase. Now I have to share the Daisy Park Collection with you. Hazel and I love it!!

Hazel is wearing the  Daisy Dog Tee and the  Scalloped Shorts. She is wearing her pink glitter sneakers which she loves!! The glitter has not come off this Gymboree pair as other brands have and she says they are among the most comfortable shoes she has. Gymboree still has the Glitter Sneakers in gold. She is wearing them with her pink Pom-Pom Socks. We call the pom-pom socks her fairy socks.

For accessories she has her ice cream cone sunglasses which are an older line of Gymboree and she has Daisy Purse and the Daisy Streamer Pony Holder in her hair. 

She absolutely loves this outfit and would love me to buy her more of the clothes and accessories from it. So take advantage of the 50% off summer styles or the 40% your purchase and check out some of the new summer lines!!